Carrot Juice Did Cure Colon Cancer in 8 Months

Ann Cameron is the author of many books for children, but in this story she is the main character. She became even more famous after being diagnosed with colon cancer…
She had an operation in June 2012, when the disease entered the third stage. It was not her first encounter with this cruel disease. Her husband died in 2005 of lung cancer despite chemotherapy.
Ann denied to go the same route as he did and refused chemotherapy.
She claims that she dedicated her time on researching through and came across the story of Ralph Cole who was diagnosed with skin cancer at 26 years and according to his story he cured himself by consuming daily juice made of 2.5 kilograms of carrots.
She decided to follow in his footsteps and began to drink carrot juice every day taking evenly doses throughout the day.

After eight months, computed tomography scan showed that the cancer had disappeared.

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